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This wiki is for the cartoon The Crumpets (Dessin animé Les Crumpets), its sequel Teen Crumpets, and the Petit Dernier books. Remember, you can help the wiki grow by becoming a Fandom user and editing. We are in need of help.

What is The Crumpets?[]

The Crumpets is a French comedy animated show loosely based on the Petit Dernier picture books by Didier Lévy and illustrated by Frédéric Benaglia. It is named after a family of 145 members known as the Crumpets.

The show has two halves or four seasons (26 episodes per season). The first half, The Crumpets, mainly highlights the baby Li'l One and his Granny, in addition to other family members such as Li'l One's parents Ma and Pa and teenage siblings Caprice and Pfff. It debuted in December 2013 and concluded in 2014. The second half, Teen Crumpets, is about a group of teenagers including Caprice and Pfff, their neighbor Cassandra McBrisk, and Marylin the rock singer. Teen Crumpets first aired in December 2015 and finished in January 2018. A 26 minute long special featuring the Teen Crumpets cast, Les Crumpets, tu fais genre !, aired in March 2021.

The show was rerun on TéléTOON+ and Canal+ Family (Canal Kids+ from September 2021) in France. Overseas, it aired on Canal+ International until January 2020, but it has been airing on TiVi5 Monde worldwide as of March 2023. The show has separate English dubs for each of its halves. Teen Crumpets has yet to have a complete English release. (List of Episodes)

This wiki is a work-in-progress. We are missing some episode summaries, names, possible differences from the French dub, and additional pictures of characters. We are also missing some information about the books' contents. Information and credits from the English dub of Teen Crumpets are missing because of the lack of public release. This wiki is not affiliated or endorsed by any company that has rights to The Crumpets.

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